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2019 Year in Review: My journey throughout the year.

In the past years, I’ve done my year in review on a month to month basis. This year I will be sharing with you three periods of a year that had many ups and downs.

January – April

I started the year off focusing on the revamp of my website and the way I process prospective and new clients. During this time I also continuously wrote new blog posts every two weeks. This was a big difference to 2018 in which I hardly wrote new blog posts. The reason I was able to write this often is because I wasn’t working a full-time job during this period so I had time to dedicate myself to various tasks of my online business.

Despite all of this it was a very slow period in terms of new clients. I only got inquiries to do smaller projects for social but no major ones at the time. Regardless of the setbacks I still stuck to it. I also launched a new website for hello next brand where I transferred my social media templates and sold them there. It started well but I’ve now decided that I will bring everything back together and no longer keep that site.

What I learned during this period is to never give up. I kept my social media presence up and my blog posts so that my services and information would always be there for others to see.

May – August

All of the hard work I put in at the beginning of the year finally started to pay off. And the mainstream processes I had in place was the right thing for me to do at the time. I got several new project inquiries during this period, some of which I had to turn down. Mainly because I knew I won’t be able to get it completed in the timeline that the prospective client would have liked it to be done.

A first for me this year was being asked to design a Real Estate website in June, I’ve never done one specifically to real estate before so it was a challenge. Although we worked with a WordPress theme, the design process and upload process took up most of the time. It was by far my favorite web design projects I took on during the year of 2019.

What I learned in this period is that things will happen when they will. I also developed and used one of the favorite sites of 2019 Clickup to track the progress of all of the design projects. With this, I was able to see how many hours I spent doing one particular side of the project vs the other.

September – December

In September of 2019, I started working a full-time job again. This new job was almost identical to what I was doing with my online business. I’m now a Digital Marketing Officer and I could not of been more grateful for the new opportunity I earned. BUT since starting the job I’ve struggled to maintain my online presence. I was unable to focus on writing blog posts, creating content for my social media and taking on larger projects for my clients. It’s honestly something that I still struggle with today hence why this post is going up so late. I however still managed to take on smaller projects during this period of the year.

Not going to be setting much goals for 2020 because I know it will be very hard for me to stick to them. The number one thing is I want to set aside more time for me to focus on my online business. Whether that is an hour each day doing different aspects of the business, from writing blog posts or creating social media content. If it’s one thing I’ve learned is that I’ve always made time for my clients, it was hard some nights but it was something I was determined to do. This I also want to keep ups with in this new year.

Not sure when the next time you’ll see a blog post from me but I will try to post something at least once a month going forward. I also intent to switch it up from time to time and share more behind the scenes of how I get things down and balance a full-time job in Marketing with my online design business.

Until Next Time