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6 Myths about Starting your own Brand

6 myths about starting your own brand

When you’re looking to starting an online brand, your research might scare you away from getting started. You might also find things that get you excited and there are some that will make you assume that starting a brand is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work. Will be sharing with you six myths about starting your own brand from personal experience with my own online brand.

  • You must know what you’re doing
  • You have to start at the right time
  • You need to have a lot of money
  • You work 24/7
  • It’s the quickest way to make money
  • You have to have a formal education and training

(myth 1) you must know what you’re doing

It might be helpful if you know what you’re doing but if you’re willing and have the patience to learn you’ll be able to accomplish starting your own brand. Even if you’re not familiar with setting up a website there are many tools out there to help you do so.

Even though you might not be familiar with everything at the start you should have a passion for what you’re planning on doing.

If you don’t have a passion for it you won’t go far with your new brand.

(myth 2) you have to start at the right time

There is no right time to becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own brand. It’s all up to you on when you should get started on your new brand. If you know you won’t have the time in the next few weeks you might consider starting in January. If you have the time now you might consider that now is the right time to start.

It will never be too early or too late to get started on building your own brand.

(myth 3) you need to have a lot of money

Oh no! No matter how many posts you read on this you don’t need to a have a ton of money ready to get started. Yes, started an online brand is an investment but if you plan for it the money won’t be a strain on you. Of course, you can’t start an online brand completely free.

Nothing in life is really free, right?

In the beginning, you’ll need expenses such as domain, hosting to get you started on the right track.

(myth 4) you’ll be working 24/7

As a new Entrepreneur, you’ll be working longer hours on most days. In the starting mode of your brand, it’s just a requirement that you’ll have to put in the long hours. However, once you’re settled and able to schedule your hours won’t be as long and you’ll be able to have more free time.

You don’t have to work 24/7 to run a successful brand, you, however, need to put in the hard work to become a successful brand.

(myth 5) starting an online brand is the quickest way to make money

If you come into building your brand with this mindset chances are you’ll never be as successful as you hope. Sooner or later your followers, customers, subscribers will see that you’re only in it for the money and it will be a turnoff. Yes, we all want to make money from our business but 90% of entrepreneurs don’t make any in their first few months of business.

Start a brand because you have a passion for it instead about wanting to make fast money.

(myth 6) you have to have formal education and training

No, no, no. If you’re planning on starting a graphic design business you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in graphic design.

However, should know how to use the programs basically you should have some form of informal training. That can be practicing your skills using the Adobe software or taking basic online courses.

While having a degree in the field of your brand will be a fantastic asset it’s not necessary to get started.

Until Next Time.