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Here are 6 tips when you’re working from home

I’m going to sharing with you some tips when working from home. It’s great to be able to work from home whether you’re running your own business or teleworking but it gets very lonely. It’s also hard to stay on track because you’re easily distracted.

Reduce Stress and Increase Your Productivity

You might be stressed that things aren’t being done on time. You always have a long list to to-dos every day and don’t know where to start. There are only 24 hours in the day, so making the most of each day is crucial. You’ll have to either work more hours or smarter. Working smarter will help reduce stress and increase your productivity.

How I Benefited from my own Dedicated Workspace

I honestly never really paid much mind to my workspace over the years. I’ve always just worked however from the couch from the bed wherever I was comfortable. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but working like this can get you easily distracted. I’ve had my home office for a few weeks now and it was one of the best decisions I could have made and I’ve gotten so much done in a short period of time.

Resources used to run my online business

I recently set up a new resources page on my website. This page links to my personal suggestions on hosting companies, design programs and more. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the ones that I’m currently using to run my online business.

Taking a break – Why I took one and how it helped

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted a new blog post in over a year. I’ve also haven’t sent many newsletters or updated the brand library since then as well. Let’s just say I decided to take a break but one I didn’t plan on taking.

If you’ve been following me on social media I was still very much active, especially on Instagram. Not as active as I would of hope to be but much more than I was here on this site. Scheduling played a big factor in me being able to keep up with Instagram and Twitter posts throughout the year. There were times where I took a few weeks off from posting on social media.

6 Myths about Starting your own Brand

When you’re looking to starting an online brand, your research might scare you away from getting started. You might also find things that get you excited and there are some that will make you assume that start a brand is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work. Will be sharing with you six myths about starting your own brand from personal experience with my own online brand.

Why I Opted to no Longer use a Custom WordPress Theme

When I first started out with this website, I opted to create my own unique theme building right off the original WordPress theme it took me lots and lots of time but it was a great learning experience. Don’t get me wrong I loved the site I designed because it was a basic website/blog template and it was very practical for the needs I had at the time. I’ve also designed the same using the Genesis Framework for some clients as well. The unique look and feel of having a site custom made and designed for you is great but it’s not necessary to get started.

4 Reasons you Need to Brand your Images

Branding your images is extremely important especially if you plan to post them on social media sites such as Pinterest. Also, having a streamlined design for your images will take you less time when designing new graphics for your blog posts.

Call-to-actions you can use on your website

A call-to-action is when you basically tell your readers what you want them to do or where you want them to go, it can for a mailing list to purchasing something you have to offer. There are a variety of ways that you can use a call-to-action on your site. Below I’ll list a few, they don’t all have to be image oriented but if you’re asking people to buy your product ill add an image to that call-to-action.