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Tutorial: How to Create a quick Animated Graphic in Photoshop

Creating GIF is super simple for some and complicated for others. With tons of apps out there that will easily create one for you, it’s nice to know how to create one for yourself from scratch.

There is a variety of different animated GIFs that are created from simple to more complex where you’ll need to go into either Adobe Premiere or Animate. Today, I’ll be sharing with you how to create a simple one using Photoshop that you can share on your social media accounts.

How to create a brand board in Illustrator – Tutorial

About a year ago I shared with you creating a brand board template for your blog and gave you an overview of what a brand board is and why it’s good to have one. I also gave you a step by step detail on what should be included in your brand board template. And finally I shared with you an awesome illustrator template download which literally went viral about 2 months after I posted it, and it’s still going strong today. You can view the post by clicking the link below.

Creating a Brand Board For your Blog + FREE DOWNLOAD

A Brand Board is a collection of fonts, color, and pattern that represents your brand. A brand board includes content like logo designs and placements, colors, images, fonts and more. It’s also designed more in the form of a brand guideline book for larger companies. For a small business or blog, it’s usually a one-page document of quick guide references.

How to Create a Mood Board + FREE Download

Wondering what exactly is a mood board? It’s meant to set the mood for your new design concept or project. It is also referred to as an inspirational board. That includes a collection of photos, colors, typography, and patterns. You need to these to have an easy visual viewing of inspirations for your current project.