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3 Ways to Curate your Instagram Feed using your Brand Colors

3 ways to Curate your Instagram Feed using your Brand Colors

If you haven’t read the last post on creating a color palette for your brand you should go ahead and do so by clicking here. Also, don’t forget to download the free mood board template as well. I’m going to be sharing with you 3 ways to curate your Instagram feed using your brand colors. Disclaimer, no one is saying that your Instagram feed has to be this way. In the end, it’s your account to get to decide how your feed looks, what you post and when you post. This is to help those that are looking for ways to have a consistent Instagram feed that is easy to create and schedule. 

text & illustration

This feed is usually for movement based accounts but is also perfect for illustrators to showcase their talents. Below are examples of text and illustrated based Instagram feeds. You’ll notice in these accounts there is a mixture of illustrated designs, text-centric designs and stock imagery but the main thing you notice about all four is the text and illustrated posts. In these feeds, the stock photos are used more of like a filler image but it also relates and goes with the rest of the feed.

@caitlinbacher | @britandco | @thewomenwave | @freelancingfemales

design showcase

This is perfect for designers that want to showcase their work, whether final, sample or work that was once passed on. if you have an online blog you can also incorporate bits from your blog as well as other things that are related to your website. It’s also a perfect way to share some behind the scenes designs of what you’re currently working on. Below are examples of accounts that utilize this method in their Instagram feed.

As you can see with these accounts, their brand colors are used heavily throughout their feed. You should also notice that the main focus with these accounts are on design, whether it’s an inspiration board, logo designs, branding suites or an illustration. With these accounts, you can also add some personal touches by sharing photos of yourself that have a filter that will blend with your existing feed.

@studioantheia | @janemade_ | @studio9co | @stylishcreativebranding

using filters on your images

If you’re more of a lifestyle blogger most of your posts will be outfits or product showcase. But you can still implement your brand colors within your Instagram feed in the form of filters. You can do this in Photoshop or you can purchase presets to use in Lightroom so that all your images have the same filter effect. It’s important to note that Lightroom presets won’t work on all images, so you might have to do some tweaks on your own to get that final outcome before you post. Below are some accounts that use the same or similar filter throughout their Instagram feed.

@carlallanosillustrations | @studiobicyclette | @saffronavenue | @lucaandgrae

There you have it, 3 ways to curate your Instagram feed with your brand colors. Having a consistent and cohesive Instagram feed is essential for brand recognition. Depending on how you use your Instagram account, it won’t be necessary to maintain a cohesive look but if you’re marketing your brand to others it’s good to at least maintain a somewhat cohesive Instagram feed.

Until next time