How to focus more on your existing mailing list subscribers

Do you really need over 5,000 subscribers as a starting brand? The answer is…NO!

You’ve probably been trying really hard to grow your list to over 5,000 subscribers.

You’ve signed up for all the courses, downloaded all the products to help you get to that level. But if you do get to 5,000 the question then becomes what happens?

You’re probably thinking if you want to sell something you’ll need to start with a big list, that my friend is very much untrue.

Don’t get me wrong, building a list is still very much important when it comes to your brand, but the number isn’t so important when it comes to getting information and your products out there.


Why an email list is important

I wrote a previous blog post and the importance of starting a mailing list for your brand. You can read the full post using the link below.


Your email list belongs to you and always will, you have real ownership and control of your list. You don’t have real ownership of your social media accounts.


If Instagram decided that it’s the end you will lose all of the following you have grown over weeks, months or even years.


Depending on how you’ve set up your subscription boxes your subscribers are already readers to your blog, but getting them to come back is easier with an email list vs. a social media account like Instagram.


If you’re selling products your email list can be a significant source of profit for you compared to social media.


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It’s not about the total number of subscribers, but how you target them.

Ask yourself, would you prefer to have a list of 5,000 people that rarely open or click on your emails, or a list of 1,000 that regularly open and click on your emails?


I’ll rather go for the 1,000 loyal subscribers. This is coming from my own experience in building my list. Depending on how you’re getting people to your list they might not be sticking around long or intend to even open any of your future emails.


I started building my list by offering a FREE brand board template and later offered access to a FREE resource library.


Most people that signed up via the free template were less likely to stick around. I currently have just over 2,000 people on my list that is after I cleaned it out to delete anyone who has never opened an email or never clicked on a link.


I felt that having so many subscribers not opening any of my emails were just a waste of valuable space and money.


Improve the content you have to offer your current subscribers.

Your subscribers are now on your list, it’s now time to create content specifically for them. Don’t make them regret joining your list.


A good way to start off on the right foot is to offer a follow-up message upon joining your list. Once someone joins your list, send them an email 4-7 days after with some valuable information that will help them.


Below is an example the current automation I have when you sign up via any free template download, I send you an email 5 days later asking if you have any questions or comments about the template. I also offer you the opportunity to access the resource library where more free downloads will be available.


You can set yours up automatically using your email service provider and get started. Although it’s an automatic set up, it will make the subscribers feel special and it will also add a personal touch to the email.


Don’t limit yourself to only a certain type of email.

If you haven’t specified the types of email your subscribers will be receiving then there is no need to just send out regular emails.


If you found a new product you’d like to share with your list related to the content on your site go ahead and share it with them. However, don’t get into the habit of only sharing affiliate products, then you’ll see your list get smaller fast.


There is no problem with offering a product you’re getting paid to promote but if that is all you send, your subscribers will start to think your opinions aren’t honest.


If you have a blog post idea but think that the content isn’t long enough to appear on your blog you can send it out to your subscribers. It will be considered an exclusive content because they won’t be able to find it on your site.


Have a brand-related problem that you’ve found the solution too or have tips to offer about a certain problem you can write a quick email to your email list about it.


You can also take the opportunity to share a story with your subscribers, it can be about how your recent vacation helped you out or a success story related to your brand.


Give them early access to any product, courses or events you have.

Keep your subscribers happy by letting them know about an upcoming product or course launch. This should be before you post on your social accounts and on your blog. Most people forget that is why you have a subscriber list in the first place.


Tell them about possible upcoming products and you can get a sense from the opening and responses how interesting they are about it.


If you have a course launch or product launch you can also offer them an early access price or first to download if it’s free.


It’s not much of difference but it will make them feel a little special.


Share some personal stories but don’t get too personal.

Getting personal about your process and how you’ve made it to where you are now with your site/brand/business will make you loyal and responsive to them.


If you give others the opportunity to know what is going on they will be more inclined to stay on your list.


Think of your list as a group of friends but don’t talk to them like they are your personal friends. Don’t talk down to them and don’t make yourself out to be the best.


When sharing your advice don’t state that it’s the only way to do so, it turns people off.


Don’t send too many emails or not enough.

This is where it gets a bit confusing, how many emails should you send out a month. Don’t send too many, even if you’re in the process of launching a new course or product. You can do more than usual but by sending too many your subscribers will see it as a turn-off.


Depending on your mailing list provider you can set up options so that your subscribers and stop receiving certain types of emails.


Ex. If you’re sending an email about your hosting company but some of your subscribers are already using that company, give them the option to opt out of those emails. There is no need for them to continue receiving those emails.


On the other end, don’t take forever to send your subscribers and email. When they sign up to your list, you should have a consistent schedule of sending emails out. Whether it’s once a week every two weeks or twice a month. You don’t want your list to forget about you when you do start sending emails again.


I made the mistake early this year by not sending a single email in 5 months. Scheduling with clients and products got in the way of creating content to send out to my list.


Back in September when I did get back on track I got tons of unsubscribes, which wasn’t surprising because they haven’t heard from in months. Don’t let that happen to you. Since then I’ve been sending out at least 2 emails a month.

Offer occasional FREE downloads or discounts.

Chances are you got people to sign up to your list by offering a FREE incentive. Offer an occasional free download from time to time.


There are some people on your list that will never purchase any of your products or downloads no matter how cheap they are and that’s ok.


To cater to those folks offer a small free download either every month or every other month along with your paid items. You can also offer a discount on certain products as well to get them interesting in purchasing from you.


This will keep both types of people occupied and happy with what you have to offer to your list.