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How I Benefited from my own Dedicated Workspace

how I benefited from my own dedicated workspace

I honestly never really paid much mind to my workspace over the years. I’ve always just worked however from the couch from the bed wherever I was comfortable. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but working like this can get you easily distracted. I’ve had my home office for a few weeks now and it was one of the best decisions I could of made and I’ve gotten so much done in a short period of time.

benefits in having a dedicated workspace
  • Creativity
  • Fewer Distractions
  • More Productive
  • Seperate Life from Work


I’ve been wanting to transform one my extra rooms into a home office for more than a year now. At the end of 2018, I said it’s going to happen in 2019. I started making plans on how I’ll like my home office to be. Granted this extra room in my house needed a little sprouting up before I started to decorate. That meant trips to Home Depot for new paint and Ikea for some new furniture. In the end, it turned out to be a room that work could be completed in. It’s at the front of the house so I can see if anyone is outside for me.


My office space was combined with my beauty vanity and my desk is placed in the middle so I’m not staring at a wall for the entire day. Still haven’t gotten around to adding inspirational quotes and images to the walls as yet. Since working from the new home office I’m much more creative and want to get things done. Creating a daily to-do list have helped tremendously in the past few weeks. There are times where I’ll knock out my entire to-do list and have to add more.

fewer distractions

No more getting distracted by my favorite tv series or falling asleep on the couch. Before this home office, most of my work was done on the couch or on my bed. It wasn’t ideal but it’s what I had to work with, there were times where I will set up at my dining table but mostly it was from the couch or bed. And honestly, it worked for me at the time but I also knew I needed a change.

Since I’ve had my home office the only thing that really distracts me is the noise from the traffic outside if I have the window open. But most of the time I either playing iTunes radio or one of my playlist on Spotify. Listening to music has always given me the motivation to continue going with my day whether bad or good. I’ve also done well with not opening a distracted website on my computer during the work hours I set aside for myself. I can easily spend hours scrolling through online gossip.

more productive

Within the time of me setting up my home office, I’ve achieved so much and completed a lot of things I never thought I’ll be able to in such a short span of time. I completely revamped my website, worked on my social media plans, streamlined my client onboarding process, organized my files and much more within 3 weeks. Now, I’m more motivated and excited to have my own space to work from and to get things done.

What has also help me is to not plan out my day the day before. Yes, there will be a few things I’ll leave for the next day but I don’t try and plan out my day before it arrives. Once I’ve gotten the more important tasks out of the way I try to have dedicated days to work on certain aspects of my business. On a Tuesday I might decide that I’m going to spend the day working on social media posts and the following day work on blog posts. It all depends on how I’m feeling that day.

separate work from life

I don’t have an entire office space outside of my house but it has helped me separate the work life from home life in some forms. I have a full-time drop so I’m at the office for most of the day. When I’m home in the evening and on weekends I can escape from home life. Not everything day I have the desire to do so but most times I do. Also by having this space and because I have client work to focus on, I’m less tempted to do ‘office’ work while I’m at home.