Why you need a Business Card for your Online Brand + What to Include

Most people might assume because their brand presence is online there is no need to have printed business cards. This theory is oh so very wrong! You might not always get into situations where you need to have a business card, but there will be times where you wish you had some printed.


Once designed correctly to match your existing branding designs It’s a way to add to your online brand presence. Whenever you travel, share and connect with others in person you can give them your business card.


If you’re offering services online such as custom designs, you’ll probably want to have a welcome package for your clients. You can use your business cards in that package. If you sell physical products then it’s a must that you have a business card. You can send them out in the package along with the invoice.


You can take the opportunity to network with people in your area by attending local events, fairs and workshops. These places are good locations to have your business card for your brand on hand. You might also just be out and about when a conversation might strike related to what you do. If you’re brave you might want to suggest your website to them.




When designing your business cards make sure you’re comfortable with the information that is included. However, there are some things that must be included in your business card design. Below I’ve listed what should be included on your card and what is optional.


Name: This is obvious! If your online business name is different from yours you can decide which one you’d like to use, It’s preferred you use both.


Website URL: What’s a business card for your online brand if your URL isn’t included? You don’t have to include the HTTP:// and using www is optional as long as your blog URL works without it.


Email Address: The easiest way to contact someone today is via email. Don’t forget to add an email address to your business card. Also, make sure that your email is professional for example name (at) yourdomain.com.


The ones listed above are mandatory to a business card, below are some suggestions for other information you might want to add to your card.


Phone Number: It’s advice not to use your personal telephone number. If you must have a number for your online business either get a new one or a special number that will be forwarded to your personal number. If you’re providing any form of service to people it’s best that you have a number available so people can contact if needed.


Title: If you’re the owner of your online business it’s a given if your business name is your name. If you’re under a different name with other people on your team it will be best to include a title under your name such as ‘Creative Director’ or ‘Graphic Designer’. If you’ll be using these business cards to get prospect jobs in the real world it will be best to include a title that will appear on your resume.


Social Media: If you’re deciding on which social network to include on your business card it all depends on which are your main focus and where your ideal clients are located. Twitter and Instagram are currently the top social sites and if to include on your business card these two are a must. People love to talk and they love looking cute images.