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Project Showcase – Jerrilyn B.

project showcase – jerrilyn black

At the end of last year, I worked along with Monet to design a new website and logo for Jerrilyn Black. A simple and minimal webpage was designed to get her started. I share with you below some of the highlights of the project. The website which was designed on Squarespace using a template was transformed to fit her branding aesthetics. Social media graphics and launch video were also created.


services offered

Jerrilyn got logo design along with Squarespace Customization package. Being a therapist, she was looking for a simple and minimal design in both the logo and website. I got started drafting logo designs in black and white and we narrowed it down until we got the perfect one. From there it was time to utilize the brand colors and see which will fit best the logo design. After a few revisions, the colors were established a new logo had been formed.

Once the logo design was complete it was time to get started on the website. Sticking with the minimal route the Ready Squarespace template was used and transformed to fit her aesthetic. Most of the work went into creating an informative homepage and incorporate some earth feel designs. She wanted to include as much information as possible on the home page. Graphics and icons were created to be used throughout the website and futher branding collaterals she’ll have in the future.

After the design was finalized, Monet took care of the content and added it to the website. Once the content was added and I went ahead and set up SEO for all of the pages on the site. The blog page was also set up, so when it’s time for her to start blogging she can do so with ease and comfort. Mailing list integration was also set up for her to collect subscribers who like to learn more about her services. In the end, we now a have a minimal webpage on which people can visit her website and find out more about what she has to offer them.

For the promotional aspect, social media graphics were designed for her to use on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A 15-second promotional site video further for her to promote her website online and on social media.