How to know the Best Time to Purchase Templates for your Brand

We all get sucked into fun and creative new templates, plugins, and theme but is really an essential purchase? Not really, it might also be an impulse buy but if you’re starting out with your brand you’ll need to know what should be an important purchase.


Sites like Creative Market and ThemeForest are the perfect sites to purchase such items and you can easily find yourself purchasing things you don’t necessarily need.


Social Media Templates

You don’t really need to purchase more than 4 set of social media template. It honestly isn’t necessary, especially since most are simple designs being offered. When looking for social media templates don’t get fool by the layouts – because you won’t be using those same images.


Think about what content will be on your social media account and envision how that information will look on the templates. If your account is mostly text base then a template with mostly images might not be the perfect fit for you.


Price Ranges: $10 – $20
Best time: Look out for Creative Market’s* monthly bundle that sometimes includes multiple social media templates along with other templates for $39.


It’s so easy to fall for multiple plugins if you’re a WordPress user especially the FREE ones. In terms of the paid ones make sure that the free version won’t do what you’re looking and that it is necessary.


It’s best to purchase a plugin that has a one time fee or a yearly fee instead of paying monthly. Try not to go too crazy purchasing plugins because too many on your site can cause your site to run slower.


Price Ranges: $15 – $40
Best time: Plugins rarely ever goes on sale or available in bundles but if you can wait the best time to get your plugins will be during the Thanksgiving weekend sales and during the holidays.

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I think this is everyone’s weak spot especially if you’re a designer. How many fonts does one really need? You usually see an awesome font, quickly think what you’re going to do with, purchase and rarely or never use it after it was purchased.


We all have fonts installed that we’ve purchased that aren’t being used. It helps if you only purchase fonts when you’re in need of one instead of just always purchasing one when you see them.


Price Ranges: $1 – $100
Best time: Creative Markets* monthly bundle, you can always expect 3-4 fonts being available in their monthly bundle. Some sellers on Creative Market also offer bundle fonts for about $30. You can also visit FontBundles, where they have daily, weekly and monthly specials and they also have some available for only $1 on certain days.

Styled Stock Photos

We all want to have beautifully styled stock photography on our website and social media. BUT it all depends on the type of blog you have. Most bloggers take their own photos so they will only require a few style stock imagery mainly for social accounts. You should know the right amount of stock imagery you’ll need for your branding purposes.

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It’s best to get bundle stock photos instead of purchasing them single (unless you’re only looking for one image for a particular project), you’ll save more and you’ll have more images that flow together. Also, you don’t only need to use the images once, you can use them multiple times.


Price Ranges: $10 – $150
Best Time: There isn’t a perfect timing to purchase styled stock photography, you can look out for some in monthly bundles from Creative Market or Design Cuts but in general when you’re in need of styled stock photography you should purchase it.

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Premium WordPress Themes

You don’t need to be consistently getting a new WordPress theme. One theme at a time is the right way to go. Do as much research as you can before you purchase to ensure that you don’t have to get another anytime soon.


This doesn’t mean you should never update to a new theme but if you select the right one you won’t need to for at least the first year. Once your needs grow and your existing can no longer support it you can go ahead and look for a new one.


Price Ranges: $50 – $150
Best times: When you need a new theme you should purchase one. You can sometimes get WordPress themes in monthly bundles from Creative Market. At times Themeforest will have 50% certain themes and of course, during the holidays you’ll find the best deals.

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If you’re an upcoming creative designer it is going to be much harder to resist new templates. With so many downloads out there such as brushes, vectors, backgrounds etc it becomes harder and harder to not purchase new ones.


This is especially harder when they are in bundles, you might not need everything in the bundle there might be 1 or 2 things that you’ll need and it cost less if you purchased the bundle.


Try to keep a running folder with all the downloads you have so don’t end up purchasing a duplicate or something similar to what you have already. You can see how I organize my files from a previous blog post below.

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