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Tag: Business

Passive income ideas for your creative business

Having passive income is a good way to have an extra income stream when working with clients or other aspects of your business. Creating that product will take time and dedication. If you’re unsure of what is passive income, this is where you sell products or services on autopilot. You’ll be making money while you’re away from your computer.

Resources used to run my online business

I recently set up a new resources page on my website. This page links to my personal suggestions on hosting companies, design programs and more. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the ones that I’m currently using to run my online business.

Deciding on a Name for your Blog or Business

One of the most important & first steps in building a brand or business is deciding on the name. If you’re not looking to start a brand right away, it’s still important to choose a name for your site that would work perfectly in case you decide to start one. I’m going to share with you what you should consider before deciding on your new brand name whether you’re looking to start a blog or business.