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Tag: Design

6 Myths about Starting your own Brand

When you’re looking to starting an online brand, your research might scare you away from getting started. You might also find things that get you excited and there are some that will make you assume that start a brand is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work. Will be sharing with you six myths about starting your own brand from personal experience with my own online brand.

4 Reasons you Need to Brand your Images

Branding your images is extremely important especially if you plan to post them on social media sites such as Pinterest. Also, having a streamlined design for your images will take you less time when designing new graphics for your blog posts.

Creating a Brand Board For your Blog + FREE DOWNLOAD

A Brand Board is a collection of fonts, color, and pattern that represents your brand. A brand board includes content like logo designs and placements, colors, images, fonts and more. It’s also designed more in the form of a brand guideline book for larger companies. For a small business or blog, it’s usually a one-page document of quick guide references.