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Presenting a color palette to your clients

Presenting a color palette to clients

The foundation for any design projects includes a strong knowledge of business objectives, target audience and design objectives. I’ll be sharing with you how to present a color palette to your clients with this information.

Creating a color palette for your brand

One of the most important parts of the brand design is crafting the perfect color palette for your new brand. It’s a lot more that goes into it than what will be mentioned in this post. This post is to show you the basics on how you can do it yourself. If you’d like to follow along using the free design templates provided enter your email address to get the downloads before we begin.

How to Create a Mood Board + FREE Download

Wondering what exactly is a mood board? It’s meant to set the mood for your new design concept or project. It is also referred to as an inspirational board. That includes a collection of photos, colors, typography, and patterns. You need to these to have an easy visual viewing of inspirations for your current project.