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Why it’s important to have more than just a social media account for your brand

Why it’s important to have more than just a social media presence for your brand

I’m sharing a quick post on the importance of having a website if you’re a social media influencer. Most of the top brands don’t work with influencers unless they have a website. They don’t go based on your follower count and social media presence only. They want to make sure that you’ve built an audience outside of social media. The same can be said for you-tubers as well. It’s important that you have an audience that you can control and that’s not controlled by a company.

why do I need a website?

Many people feel that having a website is pointless and they couldn’t be more wrong. Because you have huge success on a social platform doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. Your website is your own online space and it doesn’t belong to anyone but you. In recent months, you may have noticed Instagram and Facebook being down. With that, your followers must have somewhere else to find you. Plus as we’ve seen with MySpace we just never know how long these social media platforms will be around for. Although, I think they will be around for the forseable future.

brands can learn more about you

Having a website is a good way to get people to learn more about you on a professional level. If you’re looking to work with certain brands they ask for your website traffic information as well. They also might require that you at least have a website. If you only have an Instagram account you’ll miss out on that opportunity. 

This is also a place where you extend your social media presence. You can start a mailing list, you can also sell products on your website. It’s all about extending your brand and limiting yourself into one box only. There are so many opportunities out there that you can take and a fall back for when these social networks aren’t working.

setting up your website

Creating a website today has been made easier than ever. There are several themes that you can use to create an attractive online presence. If you’re looking for something more custom you can get a developer to create a fully custom website for you. It doesn’t need to be the full glitz and glamour but it should represent you and your existing brand. 

Now if you’re a lifestyle blogger or influencer and you currently don’t have a website now is the time to get one. You have platform options such as WIX, Squarespace and WordPress to build your site on.  My challenge for you is to get started on creating one now. You’ll first need a domain name then you’ll select your hosting platform. Squarespace and Wix is a much easier platform for bloggers and beginners. If you’re up for a challenge WordPress is the way to go. You can download my free WordPress guide to get started when you join my monthly newsletter.


Until next time