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Why you should consider using Squarespace

why you should consider using squarespace

You constantly hear and read about Squarespace vs WordPress and which one is better. Both have their own unique capabilities and target different groups of people. On the outside, Squarespace appears to be more costly than using a WordPress site. Yes, WordPress is free but you have to get a domain and a hosting plan in order to use it. Below I’ll be sharing why I think you should consider Squarespace.


We often forget about this part but it keeps your mind at ease knowing that your website is secure. It’s also a very important asset to have when you have an online website. Because there is a variety of different plugins offered when using WordPress your site can easily be put at risk. With Squarespace, widgets and plugins are controlled which means that there is small variety to choose. But you’re safe from bad coding that can be found in some plugins. You’ll also get free SSL with your plan so you don’t have to worry about setting that up on your own.

easy to use

Squarespace is super simple to use, there is a small learning curve if you’re used to WordPress. It’s perfect for beginners and more advanced web users. Squarespace offers drag-and-drop capabilities that makes it much easier to layout content on your website. You can also easily modify your design, depending on what template you start with. Each template offers different forms of customization and features. You can also purchase a Squarespace template from a third-party if you’re looking for something different.

search engine optimization (SEO)

Your site is now set up and designed and you’re ready for people to see it. Squarespace has built-in SEO, whereas with WordPress you’ll have to install a separate plugin. Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress is more powerful but Squarespace offers a simple one to integrate with your website. Perfect for those just getting started with utilizing SEO and for those that are looking for an in-house SEO option.


Before you start your website it’s important to consider how much money you’ll invest. All of the plans Squarespace offers comes with a free domain for the first year, unlimited storage and SSL. There is also dedicated 24-hour support included in the plans, don’t have to spend hours finding a solution. The personal plan is enough to get started if you’ll like to have eCommerce it will be extra. Squarespace is not the cheapest option but you’ll need to focus on the benefits you’ll be getting from each plan.

Squarespace is meant for the less technical person and those that don’t want to be stressing about coding. When using WordPress more coding is required unless you select a theme that perfectly meets all your website needs. With WordPress, you’ll also have to constantly¬†make sure that your site is updated, managed and protected. Overall Squarespace offers an all-around package experience that is perfect for those looking for a simple way to get started.